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I believe I was introduced to Furcadia in middle school - somewhere between the ages of 13-14? - by a close friend of mine at the time. The only games I had played prior were console games and the occasional MUD (too poor/too shitty of a computer to get a 3D MMORPG), so it was very different from anything I had played prior.

And given my budding interest in furries and roleplaying, I took to it very quickly. The fact that I could create my own maps as well as the objects inside of it really sealed the deal for me and I've been playing off and on ever since!

Furcadia played a big role in helping me learn how to code and create pixel art, and this is where you'll find my (various, incomplete) projects.


Rime's Home
Just a dream thats Rime's canonical home in Furcadia, its still under construction but if its up, feel free to look around!


coming soon


coming soon

Mercenary Enclave
Lothus Marque's site, where you can download Patch Fusion and other Furcadia tools.
Roamheart Patching Database
Huge collection of user-made patches. Currently down, unfortunately..
Furcadia Technical Resources - Static Dream Table
I've always been fascinated by Furc's `gomap command, because you can go to otherwise inaccessible maps with it. This table was last updated in 2009 but many of these are still accurate.
I've never tried this and it hasn't been updated in over a decade, but I always thought this was such a cool idea!