Me, The Webmaster

i'm a 31 year old human (he/him) from the US. i pretend to be a deer online.

i'm a transgender man and i've been on testosterone for 10 months! i even pass pretty frequently! unfortunately due to my height, my babyface and the resurgence of acne, when i do pass people think i'm like 15. oh well!!

my partner is Neocities User Goodmode, we've been together for a year as of this writing and i love them so much!! go check out their webcomic, DE(i)FY!!

My Interests

off the top of my head, i like: thrift stores, cartoons, weed, ASMR videos, video games, gorillaz, furry, drawing and painting, paranormal shit

i also made a more in-depth page for specific items.

My Political Views

thats right, i'm bringing politics into this page like the rabid SJW i am!!
i used to be pretty sheltered and knew next to nothing about my country or the world at large. there were two things that changed this; my first "real" job, and going vegan. from this point on, i gradually realized just how terrible things are. at this point in my life i'm confident enough to say that i'm an anarcho-communist.

also: people are the gender they say they are, sex work is work, billionaires shouldn't exist, drugs should be legal, terfs and truscum need to shut the fuck up, reverse racism and hetero/cisphobia aren't real, nazis deserve to be punched, have a nice day

How To Contact Me

stand outside and scream real loud and i might answer

thats all for now!