Invader Zim Personality Quiz!

This is a work in progress. Everything on this page is subject to change.
When will you get to find out which Invader Zim character you are (out of 5 options)?? Check back later to find out!
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01. Since this is an Invader Zim quiz, you know I gotta ask...

How RANDUM XD are you?

I'm not RA-*coughs* I'm not "random" at all.
I've been known to exhibit RANDUMness.
Occasionally RANDUM.
Dangerously RANDUM.
*holds up spork* my name is katy but u can call me t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m!!!!!!!!

02. Do people like you?
No, and one day they're going to regret it...
No, and I don't know why they wouldn't want a friend as great as me!
I have a few friends, but people mostly find me intimidating.
Yes ^_^ I'm very outgoing and friendly!!
I've made sure that people find me irresistable.

03. How do you feel about PIZZA?
I'd rather starve than eat a pizza.
Not a fan, but I'll eat a pizza if I'm desperate.
No strong feelings about pizza one way or another.
I love pizza, its one of my favorites!
*stares you dead in the eyes* I would fuck a pizza if it were legal.

04. Are you a GAMER 👾?
I have no time to play video games. I could not possibly play video games at this juncture.
I love video games! but I have no idea what I'm doing.
I like Farmville..
My gamer skills are above average.. and so are my tantrums if I lose..
*builds up speed for 12 hours and clips through the wall to the end cutscene*

05. What kind of animal would you like as a pet?
A nasty pig.
An obedient dog.
A mysterious cat.
A Neopet.
No pets, please / None of the above.

06. Choose an emoji:
Eyeball 👁
Hotdog 🌭
Television 📺
Fire 🔥
Guitar 🎸

07. Which of these ponies do you like the best? If you aren't familiar with MLP thats ok, just go off of appearance.

08. Its 💞🥓Valentine's Day🍖💘! Are you ready for love?
Yuck! No!
Might be nice, but I have more important things to worry about.
I find the concept of love to be confusing and somewhat terrifying.
I'm willing to pretend to be in love if its tactically advantageous.

09. You are confronted with a Problem. How do you cope?
Start crying.
Get mad and resort to violence almost immediately.
Become obsessed with the problem and devote an unhealthy amount of time to figuring it out.
You do a great job handling the problem... after you put it off for as long as is convenient.
Not only are you going to solve this problem, but you're gonna do it better than anyone else while rubbing their faces in it.

10. Which of the following colors do you like most?
Light Blue

Tempest Shadow vector by cheezedoodle96
INVADER Font by Nickelodeon
Rainbow text effect from W3Bits