Character Profile: Rime Cervus


Species: Whitetail Deer & Sphynx Cat hybrid
Gender: Male
Age: Whatever age I am IRL
Canon: Furcadia
Links: RP Repository - F-List

In Character

He's the offspring of a mortal Feline and a Cerdiere, a type of fey furre (so I guess basically he's a Half Elf). Rime is scientifically-minded and is a fairly competant magic user, with a focus on herbalism and potions. He both forages for and grows his ingredients on his land, and will cross-breed and magically alter his plants in the course of his research. What could possibly go wrong?


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


Put simply, Rime is me. He's my primary fursona, he means a lot to me, which also makes him easy to write for. He's changed a lot over the years, those changes reflecting changes in my own life. For example, he began life as female but is now male.