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Updated 07/07/19


Updated: 08/07/19

R e c o m m e n d a t i o n s

for things I think are good

As both a living thing with needs and a hostage of capitalism, I've bought and used a number of products over the course of my life. I'm not getting compensated in any way for recommending this shit, I just genuinely think its good stuff that may fulfill other people's needs as well as it met mine


gc2b Transitional Apparel

Great binders and great customer service. Their sizing page is one of the most helpful I've come across, and they'll help you size yourself if you still have questions. Cannot recommend them highly enough!



They make toothbrushes made from recycled plastic, which can be returned to them to be recycled again. I've been using them for years, and I especially like how soft the bristles are compared to conventional toothbrushes, which make my gums bleed.

Online Services


Open source, Ad-free blogging site reminiscent of LiveJournal. Actually, its exactly like LJ. As someone who grew up with LJ, its very comfortable and familiar. And I trust the team behind it more than any other social networking site's.


A nice privacy-centric e-mail provider. Features are limited if you are a free user, but they don't show ads, and what they offer is good enough for my needs at this time.



This is a catalogue of free and open source Android apps. Works just like the official Play Store app, and it also warns you of app features that you may not want (mostly relating to privacy). Unfortuntely, the selection is not so great, but this is to be expected as it isn't being managed by a giant corporation. You can find things like Telegram and Keepass though! and if your gaming needs are simple (ie. 2048, Minesweeper), F-Droid's got you covered.

Keepass Password Safe

Simple, easy to use app that allows you to create password protected databases of your passwords. It doesn't sync with anything like RoboForm or LastPass does, which to me is a feature but I can see why some might not see it that way. Personally, I just have separate databases on my PC and my phone, which creates a similar experience.